But… That’s Impossible! - EP5: We’re Not Explorers

April 18, 2017

Three coffees a piece, each black as midnight on a moonless night, lead Amy and Anton to bring you a magicians force where Amy tries to guess what Anton guesses that she's guessed. We kind of, like, read about, like, reading? And the trails gone cold. Is Derren Brown the midwife for all form? We consider the merit of Tarot Constellations by Mary K. Greer as well as the life of the legendary illustrator of the most iconic tarot deck of all time, Pamela Coleman Smith. Our log's got something to tell you, and it's that the orange face of the Western world is a gaslight. The mists part, something's coming through, and the message is: there's no such thing as a psychic.

My Baby Must Be A Magician - The Marvelettes
Asshole Blues - Iggy Pop
Weak - Skunk Anansie
The Libertine (from Sundark and Riverlight) - Patrick Wolf
16 Again - Buzzcocks
We Are the Dead - David Bowie


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