But… That’s Impossible! - EP7 : Art and Lies

June 21, 2017

It's our Summer Solstice Super Bonanza! Amy and Anton are boiling alive for your aural pleasure. Here, at the fullness of the year, we share some melted brain nonsense. Anton, rather boringly, dodges the call towards the light at the end of the tunnel. We consider the possibility of practicing magic under the sun, the hexing of Billy Chainsaw, Shaky Kane's meta predictions of Anton's future, whether it's possible to catch lightning in a bottle and how to expect the unexpected? A High Priestess will not leave us alone. A flying saucer lands in Brighton which is probably to do with the portal opened in the Pavilion Gardens. Owls are aliens. Kenneth Williams ponders the relevance of DivinAdmin. We see by unseeing and David Lynch takes a shortcut via cliche, whilst we're leaning into deja vu. Facts have little influence on the truth. A load of old Blarney? But... That's Impossible!


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