But…That’s Impossible! - EP4: Dreamland’s Big Circus

April 5, 2017

But... That's Impossible! Episode 4. Dreamland's Big Circus.

 This week, Amy and Anton trace the thread of Rock and Roll spirit presented in Guy Peellaert and Nik Cohn's art book: ROCK DREAMS.

 Under the boardwalk, crushes and daydreams become mythological. The outlines of rock stars become constellations by which to navigate. We consider the manifestation of images outside of intention. We set an angel free from a block of marble. We hearken unto the school girls in black leather, harbingers of trauma. We tear our hearts out and lay down in the road. Immersed in a glamorous uniform of imagery, skinny white sailor with chances so slender and dirty as a dustbin lid, we wonder if you knew we danced ourselves out of the womb?


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